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A little bit about us...

All of our members have bikes, and that's a requirement... along with being a 21 (or older) gay male licensed and insured to ride a motorcycle (not scooter). We meet monthly (or more) to ride, eat/drink, plan or just hang out. We keep it pretty simple.

Twice a year we work a little for our annual recurring events: First, our annual biker's weekend held typically the weekend following memorial day, which features bike blessings (and christenings for new bikes) on Friday, followed by a free barbecue held at an undisclosed location, which bikers (and only bikers!) are led riding in formation (see some of our prior year's biker weekends in our gallery.) Secondly, the first Saturday of December is our annual Holiday Party and Toys for Tots Benefit which directly benefits the Leake & Watts Specialized Foster Child Care Program. It's a great cause and a grand event!

Then, there's the anniversary run which takes place every five years (since the club began in 1964). These are special celebrations which commerate every five years of our existence as a club. We typically take a week-long motorcycle trip in the spring/summer -- and later in the year enjoy a private boat cruise with dinner and dancing in the New York harbour. Photos of some of these events are also in our gallery.

Why ECMC? When you're the not the lead dog, the view doesn't change much -- don't accept any substitutions, there's only one ECMC and that's us. We were here before AIDS and we'll be here after it. We existed FIVE YEARS before the Stonewall Riots took place in June 1969. We are what dozens of other clubs try to be. As with any organization such as ours, from time to time there are regime changes -- and some of the people who have left Empire City, MC have gone on to form other clubs like Wheels MC and Cycle MC (both now defunct). Empire City was there when A.M.C.C. (the Atlantic Motorcycle Coordinating Council) first started to develop in 1976, and we're still with them today! Wonder why we're still around? Why not check us out and find out for yourself!

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    Drop us an e-mail letting us know your interest in ECMC be sure to include: Your name, telephone number, where you live and any affiliations with any other MC -- also, if you're considering becoming a prospect (potential pledge and future member) please indicate that as well. We'll get back to you promptly.

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