Empire City Motorcycle Club:
56 Years of Riding & Brotherhood!

Empire City Motorcycle Club, Inc. of New York City, was founded by a group of twelve motorcycle riders in October, 1964 as a motorcycle owner/rider club. We are the oldest ongoing gay all riding organisation in the country and a vital part of the gay community in New York metropolitan area.

Empire City MC's open general meetings are held 8pm-9pm on the first Wednesday of each month* at "The Centre" 208 W 13th St. Check the activity sheet at the front desk to see which room we will be in. All interested men and prospective members are welcome to attend. Always check our calendar in event of inclement weather or public holiday. You may alternately join via teleconference - information on how to attend this way is in the details of our meetings on our official calendar.

2021 Motorcycle Weekend

You may download, print and fill-in 2021's Motorcycle Weekend Run Application. As we've mentioned before, this will be the last Motorcycle Weekend at "The Ranch" in Hemlock, NY; however, it won't be our last! We're already discussing other locations to host it at in the coming years.

Albert and Dan, owners of "The Ranch" have been more than generous with their home since they bought it many years before Empire City MC started hosting Motorcycle Weekend there… The (now defunct) local Rochester club, the Rochester Rams MC hosted many events at The Ranch in cooperation with the "Ranch Hands", including CanAm Weekend, Canada Day/4th of July, Leather Homecoming and New Year's Eve (also known as Albert's big birthday party).

We're all getting older and frailer and quite frankly, there are fewer and fewer younger, able-bodied persons coming in to step up to the plate to lend a hand or take over all the work that goes on behind the scenes to make a place like The Ranch operate, so all the events that traditionally happen there are winding down. A lot of grass needs to be mowed, playroom stocked and cleaned, the pool and hot tub need to be maintained, the bar needs to be stocked and operated, food has to be purchased, prepared and cleaned up, towels, linens and beds need to be made, unmade, cleaned, etc. That's a lot of work – and that's only what I can think of off the top of my head. At the end of this event, we will have held our event at The Ranch for ten years. That's a long time to volunteer your home for free to do all of this. The run fee for Motorcycle Weekend is only to cover the food, beverage and incidental expenses associated with that, Al and Dan don't see a penny – they host us out of the kindness of their hearts.

So, as we enjoy ourselves one last time at The Ranch, please express your appreciation to Al & Dan and don't be sad, remember all the good times we've had there and all the new places we will so in the coming years. If you prefer to write a card or letter to them, please send it to: Al Rizzo & Dan Marty, 4872 Blank Rd, Hemlock, NY 14466.

Rides & Events Calendar

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ECMC featured in UNION MAG

Union Mag (United Kingdom) came across the Atlantic to interview Empire City MC! Watch their view interview in the box above or by clicking here. Visit Union Mag's website at: "UnionMag.co.uk"

See the ECMC documentary

Watch episode two of Kiwi Callahan's "Where I Don't Belong" in the box above or by clicking here. "Where I Don't Belong" is a documentary series dedicated to smashing stereotypes and obliterating "old wives' tales". In episode two, Kiwi gets an exclusive look into the history and inner workings of Empire City Motorcycle Club. This is an exciting project for everyone involved, as we've has never opened our doors to a journalist at this level ever before.

ECMC featured in OUT! Magazine!

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ECMC is Online!

Websites are so "one directional"... Join the conversation on our facebook groups! Both ECMC and AMCC have them -- click on the logos to get there. We are also pleased to publish a monthly newsletter full of all sorts of gossip... er, news and information! There are loads of photos and only a few big words, so even us bikers can enjoy it!

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